(14th May 2022)

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Model NameColourSizePriceIn StockOn OrderLink
C Line H6Black £135001View bike
Racing Green £135001View bike
C Line M6Black £135005View bike
Cloud Blue / Black £135002View bike
Coral / Black £135001View bike
Fire Coral £135020View bike
House Red £135002View bike
Piccadilly Blue £135020View bike
Racing Green £135042View bike
C Line M6 LaquerBlack £155530View bike
C Line S6Black £135010View bike
Cloud Blue £135010View bike
Coral / Black £146010View bike
Racing Green £135010View bike
C Line S6 (Laquer)- £155510View bike
E-Bike 6 SpeedBlackH6£299520View bike
E-Bike M6Turkish Green £299520View bike
E-Bike M6 (Laquer)Black Laquer £320010View bike
Flame Laquer £320010View bike
P Line M4Black £211502View bike
Grey £211502View bike
Model NameColourSizePriceIn StockOn OrderLink
Loft 7D MensKhakiLarge£57510View bike
Loft 7D Step ThruSangriaMedium£57510View bike
Model NameColourSizePriceIn StockOn OrderLink
40Blue £35511View bike
Pink £35501View bike
44Blue £36512View bike
Green £36511View bike
Orange £36511View bike
Pink £36511View bike
Red £36510View bike
53Blue £42512View bike
Green £42511View bike
Orange £42521View bike
Pink £42522View bike
Red £42511View bike
62Black £44512View bike
Blue £44521View bike
Green £44511View bike
Orange £44512View bike
Red £44512View bike
69Black £45501View bike
Blue £45511View bike
Green £45501View bike
Orange £45502View bike
Red £45501View bike
78BlueNEW£47510View bike
Dark Grey £47510View bike
Model NameColourSizePriceIn StockOn OrderLink
BrixtonYellowLarge£999.9901View bike
YellowMedium£999.9920View bike
BroadwayGreenLarge£749.9930View bike
GreenMedium£749.9923View bike
GreenSmall£749.9911View bike
GreenX-Large£749.9902View bike
CDA-10-Large£799.9927View bike
-Medium£799.9908View bike
-Small£799.9904View bike
-XL£799.9904View bike
CDA-20-Large£899.9908View bike
-Medium£899.9906View bike
-Small£899.9903View bike
-XL£899.9902View bike
CDA-30-Large£1099.9927View bike
-Medium£1099.9927View bike
-Small£1099.9903View bike
-XL£1099.9903View bike
Columbia-Small£2999.9901View bike
Croix De Fer 10BeigeLarge£1499.9901View bike
BeigeMedium£1499.9912View bike
BlackLarge£1499.9902View bike
Croix De Fer 20BlueLarge£1699.9901View bike
RedMedium£1699.9901View bike
Croix De Fer 50BlackMedium£3299.9901View bike
FlyerGreyLarge£699.9901View bike
GreyMedium£699.9910View bike
Fugio 10GreenMedium£1699.9910View bike
Tour De Fer 10-Large£1399.9901View bike
-Medium£1499.9901View bike
Model NameColourSizePriceIn StockOn OrderLink
OneGrey £15950-1View bike
Model NameColourSizePriceIn StockOn OrderLink
Arcus 2BlueLarge£2299.9912View bike
BlueMedium£2299.9924View bike
BlueSmall£2299.9910View bike
Arcus 2 LadiesBlueMedium£2299.9910View bike
BlueSmall£2299.9901View bike
Avenida 6Red15 "£649.9920View bike
Red17 "£649.9910View bike
Dimension 16GreenOne Size£369.9910View bike
PurpleOne Size£369.9910View bike
Element Equiped-Large£99901View bike
-Medium£99901View bike
PanoramaEmeraldLarge£1599.9910View bike
EmeraldMedium£1599.9901View bike
Model NameColourSizePriceIn StockOn OrderLink
Riprock Coaster 12Blue £29910View bike
Model NameColourSizePriceIn StockOn OrderLink
520Diablo Red54£165010View bike
Diablo Red57£165001View bike
Checkpoint ALR 5Navy/Red54£235001View bike
Navy/Red56£235003View bike
Checkpoint ALR 5 DriftlessCobra Blood54£260002View bike
Cobra Blood56£260004View bike
Cobra Blood58£260002View bike
Checkpoint SL 5Mercury/Carbon 54£330001View bike
Mercury/Carbon 56£330002View bike
Checkpoint SL 6Crimson / Red56£385002View bike
District+ 2Navy and SlateL£247510View bike
Domane AL 2 DiscBlack54£97502View bike
Black56£97501View bike
Black58£97501View bike
Black61£97510View bike
Blue54£97510View bike
Blue56£97520View bike
Blue58£97510View bike
Domane AL 3 DiscGrey54£110010View bike
White54£110001View bike
White56£110010View bike
White58£110010View bike
Domane AL 4 DiscWhite54£162501View bike
White56£162502View bike
Black54£162501View bike
Domane AL 5 DiscGrey56£190001View bike
Domane SL 6Aquatic/ Black56£390001View bike
Domane SL5-54£305001View bike
-56£305002View bike
-58£305001View bike
Dual Sport 1-L£49520View bike
Quick SilverL £57510View bike
Quick SilverM £57510View bike
Dual Sport 2GunmetalL£60010View bike
GunmetalM£60020View bike
Blue L £67501View bike
Blue M £67503View bike
Blue S £67500View bike
Dual Sport 2 EquippedGunmetal M£67510View bike
Dual Sport 2 Equipped StaggerQuick SilverM£67520View bike
Dual Sport 3Dark Aquatic L £82510View bike
Emonda ALR 4Red to Marigold56£175010View bike
Emonda ALR 5Purple56£220010View bike
Emonda SL 5Carbon Blue / Blue54£270001View bike
Carbon Blue / Blue56£270003View bike
Carbon Blue / Blue58£270001View bike
Silver/Chrome56£270001View bike
Emonda SL 6 ProGrey/ Chrome54£390001View bike
Grey/ Chrome56£390002View bike
Grey/ Chrome58£390001View bike
Grey/ Chrome60£390000View bike
Emonda SLR 7Navy / Red56£791010View bike
Fuel EX 5BlackLG£235001View bike
Grey/MarigoldL£235001View bike
Grey/MarigoldM£235001View bike
Fuel EX 8 XTRed to BlackL£345001View bike
Red to BlackM£345001View bike
FX 1-L£47530View bike
-M£47550View bike
-XL£47510View bike
FX 1 StaggerGreyM £47510View bike
GreyS £47510View bike
FX 2 DiscGravelL£51510View bike
GravelM£51540View bike
Quick SilverL £60020View bike
Quick SilverM £60021View bike
Quick SilverXL £60010View bike
Navy L £60012View bike
Navy M £60001View bike
Navy S £60010View bike
FX 2 DISC StaggerGrey S £60010View bike
FX 3 DiscBlue / Dark Blue XL £85001View bike
BlackL £85003View bike
BlackM £85020View bike
Marlin 4Magenta M£47510View bike
Magenta ML £47510View bike
Anthracite XS£47510View bike
Matte Black L£47501View bike
Matte Black M£47501View bike
Matte Black ML £47520View bike
Voodoo GreenL£47510View bike
Voodoo GreenM£47510View bike
Voodoo GreenML £47510View bike
Voodoo GreenS£47510View bike
Marlin 5GreyM£55010View bike
GreyML £55010View bike
GreyS£55020View bike
GreyXL £55010View bike
RedL£55050View bike
RedML £55020View bike
RedXL £55010View bike
Marlin 6OrangeL£65020View bike
OrangeM£65010View bike
OrangeML £65010View bike
Navy L£65010View bike
Navy M£65010View bike
Navy XL £65010View bike
Red/BlackLarge£60050View bike
Red/BlackMedium£60010View bike
Red/BlackML £60040View bike
Marlin 7Marigold/RedML £82540View bike
Navy/AnthraciteM£82510View bike
Navy/AnthraciteML £82520View bike
Navy/AnthraciteS£82510View bike
Marlin 8Red / NauticalL£92510View bike
Red / NauticalM£92520View bike
Red / NauticalML £92510View bike
Powerfly Sport 4 EquippedGrey/ BlackL £350010View bike
Grey/ BlackM £350010View bike
Procaliber 9.5Red/BlackL£192501View bike
Red/BlackM£192501View bike
Red/BlackML£192501View bike
Procaliber 9.6BlueML£235010View bike
Remedy 7Crimson L£275001View bike
Crimson M£275001View bike
Remedy 8Dark PrismaticML£345001View bike
Roscoe 6GreyL£100010View bike
GreyM£100010View bike
Olive GreyLarge£100040View bike
Olive GreyMed/Lge£100002View bike
Olive GreyMedium£100002View bike
Purple FlipM£100000View bike
Roscoe 7Teal/ BlackML£140002View bike
Roscoe 9Quicksand / OliveL£230001View bike
Quicksand / OliveM£230001View bike
Quicksand / OliveML£230001View bike
Verve+-18"£210010View bike
Verve+ 3 Black L£285010View bike
X-Caliber 7OrangeL£90010View bike
Blue L£90040View bike
Blue M£90030View bike
Blue ML£90030View bike
Blue S£90010View bike
Blue XL£90010View bike
X-Caliber 8GreyL£125001View bike
GreyML£125001View bike
X-Caliber 9Alpine BlueM£152510View bike
VoltLarge£127510View bike
Model NameColourSizePriceIn StockOn OrderLink
Burlington (400Wh)-18"£194910View bike
Metro LSBlack £159900View bike
Pulse Original (400Wh)-18"£169910View bike
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